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I am running for Oklahoma City Mayor because I believe that access to resources and programs for all communities is important. Creating a city that puts emphasis on equity is vital. OKC suffers from an increasing homeless population. Nobody should succumb to the fact of living on the streets. Everybody makes mistakes and we all deserve a second chance.


  • Implement a program that will provide assistance to the homeless in the areas of housing, food, education, and workforce re-entry. Focusing on these specific areas will lead to the eventual elimination of homelessness.
  • Partner with businesses and other community partners that will employ these individuals so they can have sustainable livable income.
  • Create an all-inclusive reentry to society program called “Operation Re-Vibe”. This program will focus on providing these individuals all of the necessary resources to reenter society as vibrant economic producers.


I fully support pro-equality:

  •  LGBTQ community
  •  Religious diversity
  •  Ethnic diversity
  •  Gender diversity


All communities should deserve the chance to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed. No matter the side of Oklahoma City you may live on; (northside, southside, eastside, or westside) your voice matters. 




The key to building a city that can thrive perpetually is the youth. Equipping our youth with education and other positive life resources will allow them to have a competitive advantage when they graduate from high school and go on to enter into college or the workforce.

  • City Wide After School Mentoring Programs that will match kids up with mentors who are invested in their future success. It is a proven fact that we typically become what we are exposed to. Giving our youth access to mentors who are real life examples will expound their capacity of what they can achieve.
  • City Wide Tutoring Programs. Provides tutors in all academic areas for kids at all levels (Elementary school through high school). These individual sessions will give the kids the capacity to be more prepared for state testing.
  • These transformational programs will be conducted at what I call "Youth Empowerment Centers". These youth centers will also have basketball gyms, soccer fields, baseball fields, fitness rooms, and classrooms. These YEC's will be a one-stop shop for our youth.




Criminal Justice Reform- Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in America, specifically coming in at the number two highest. This is a huge issue when it comes to building a City centered around employable citizens. Criminal justice reform is near and dear to my heart. I have watched and experienced first hand for 22 years how our system functions. 

  • Constitute community policing across all OKC neighborhoods.
  • Implement the use of a special prosecutorial unit.
  • Focus on sentencing reform such as the use of diversion programs.
  • Provide restorative justice measurements that will decrease recidivism.
  • Social Justice Reform- creative diversity and inclusion in decision making positions.



  • Foster job growth with all job sectors.
  • City wide small business growth initiative plan. 
  • Attract corporate partners that will focus on diversity and inclusion.



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