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Education Reform

Every student deserves a fundamentally sound education. The four key areas of reform are the following:

  1. Development of rigorous standards.
  2. More efficient assessments.
  3. Adoption of better data systems to provide schools, teachers, and parents with information about student progress.
  4. Provide enhanced teacher resources and tools. Increased access to supportive resources will allow our teachers and school leaders to become more effective.

Early childhood education is a vital piece for the longevity of our educational system to thrive. Giving parents the proper access to all early childhood resources is imperative. Secondary education resources and access to efficient teacher staffing is vital for strong high schools. The preparation in high schools sets these students up to go to college to acquire a degree. If students are unprepared at the high school level, then they will have a challenging time in college.


Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in America, specifically for women and minorities. This could play a factor when trying to attract new industries to come into the Oklahoma marketplace. Our current laws need to be revisited and updated.

  • Abolish the death penalty.
  • Focus on sentencing reform such as the use of diversion programs.
  • Provide restorative justice measurements that will decrease recidivism.
  • Decrease target/status quo sentencing.
  • Revisit and adjust Oklahoma marijuana laws.


Economic Agenda

  • Oklahoma is known for oil & gas and aerospace companies.  It’s time to diversify the type of industries that come into Oklahoma. Growing markets such as hospitality, healthcare, and technology are all sectors that could thrive in District 5.
  • Giving citizens more employable options is vital for continued future growth in Oklahoma.  This brings value to our citizens and the productivity adds to our GDP.
  • Every citizen deserves to make a livable wage that has purchasing power and provides income to take care of their basic needs.


Veteran Rights

  • Veterans have sacrificed themselves and fought for our country with honor and fearlessness. It is our duty as a country to make sure our veterans are taking care of physically, mentally, and monetarily.




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